CORN CRIB Nebraska
The predominant crop across the entire state of Nebraska, along the interstate and off the beaten path in the rural communities is corn.  This project arose as the need for a temporary living space for a single person while a larger main house was being constructed.  The 'corn crib' is sited adjacent to a 100 acre cornfield, with stunning distant views to the south and west.  The approach was to site the house along a south by southwest axis for immediate views to the corn and distant views to the hills rising along the border of the cornfield.  The 'crib' is elevated above the ground by a foot and a half on concrete piers to minimize the impact to the site and expense of a traditional foundation.  This in turn also creates a feeling of living among the corn instead of adjacent to.  The program is fairly simple with a studio apartment concept of open living and a large deck.  The main materials of wood and brick blend with the large expanses of glass and the low horizontal planes pay hommage to the dominant horizon that is Nebraska.


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