FAB (pre)fab/P1  Anywhere, USA 
The concept for the P1 model is to elevate all living areas above the land.  A majority of people spend their time in the living, dining, and kitchen areas while spending a minimal amount of time in bedrooms.  Ideally this 2 story design would be located on a secluded parcel of land, the second level is elevated above the land where individuals become a voyeur of the land:  the polar opposite of the first level where you have the ability to become an active participant within the land.  The program consists of a library/sitting area and four bedrooms on the first level. The second level  has dining, kitchen, living and den - along with a roof top deck and movie screen.  The ideal inhabitants would be a single family and it could be used as a primary residence or secondary vacation home.  The clean lines of the design were derived so that the architecture does not compete with the natural environment, but instead becomes a tool to re-discover nature. [press external link]
in progress
  FAB (pre)fab/P1
  FAB (pre)fab/P2
  FAB (pre)fab/P3
  FAB (pre)fab/P4