World Architecture Community Awards
The parti of the house is two stacked rectangles.  The lower level ensconces the entrance, along with the private functions.  Above is the living area, perched like a tree house on the heavily wooded site.  This "tree house" contains the public funtions  and a small office along with four 'outdoor rooms' that allow for entertaining or a more meditative/solitude experience. The major axis runs east-west to allow for an entry sequence that forms a thickened threshold between indoors and out. A cmu wall along the north-south axis serves as a signifier leading visitors in  while establishing a connection to the back yard where a rock garden acknowledges early Druid activity in the area. Along the south wall of the bedrooms a translucent material is used for natural light while maintaining privacy.  The roof consists of 76 grid connected solar panels that form the 'solar plane' establishing  a formal, expressive and functional element.
in progress