Anyone that has had the opportunity to drive through Nebraska notices the dominance of the horizon and the scattering of grain bins across the state that disrupt this powerful horizontal axis.  Situated within the threshold that lies between the clayhills and sandhills of Nebraska, this project integrates the context of the area.  A strong horizontal line (private rooms) with a  double height (gathering area), the materials chosen serve to blend with the color palette that is intrinsic of the clay. Varying width vertical lines mirror the corn rows that inhabit a large portion of the area.   Upper level exterior walls consist of a translucent polycarbonate material that serve twofold- during the day filtering natural sunlight into the double height space and at night transforming an otherwise solid wall to a beacon at the exterior.  Windows and doors are placed to capture edited distant  and near views of the adjacent clayhills to the west and east, creating a strong visual and physical connection to the land.


  metastudio   A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T  S